EUROFEU BIG 9 ltr – So powerful it actually scares fires


BIO POWER –  So strong it scares fires

  • EUROFEU-BIG 9 litre sets the highest standards for a handheld fire extinguisher
  • Stops fires 4 X faster
  • So gentle it has been used to clean bird feathers after an oil spill
  • 100% environmentally friendly, ph-neutral, dermatologically tested
  • Does the job of three conventional types of fire extinguishers
  • En 3-7 dielectric, extinguishes small metal and phosphor fires
  • Beats competitors in every fire category rating
  • EUROFEU BIG speeds up the recovery of the environment after a blaze
  • Patented water proof seal to prevent corrosion
  • Patented 360 degrees gun spray
  • 10 years guarantee– actually 20 years – but we’re not allowed to say.

We are so confident in our product that we poured one liter of petrol into our extinguisher to prove that this is the best extinguisher money can buy.

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