EUROFEU MINI 3 ltr – Knocks Down ALL Fires


A green extinguisher –  fit for the next decade

  • EUROFEU-MINI 3 litre sets new standards for fire extinguishing
  • Smothers fires 4 X faster
  • 100% environmentally friendly, ph-neutral, dermatologically tested
  • Does the job of three conventional types of fire extinguishers
  • En 3-7 dielectric, extinguishes small metal and phosphor fires
  • Triumphs in every fire category rating over competitors
  • EUROFEU MINI liquid speeds up the recovery of the environment after a blaze
  • Patented water proof seal to prevent corrosion
  • Patented 360 degrees gun spray
  • 10 years guarantee- actually 20 years – but we’re not allowed to say.
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