Unique Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Universal Fire Extinguishers

What this means is, instead of needing four different fire extinguishers to tackle different types of fire, you can just buy this one. The Eurofeu breakthrough technology doesn;t stop there. They are safer to use and store than traditional fire extinguishers because they are non pressurised, so they don’t use gases, propellants, aerosols or compressed air. The composite materials are environmentally friendly and harmless to humans. With its’ compact size and all round fire extinguishing performance they are suitable for use in commercial enterprises, home and garden, leisure or to carry in cars.

Safe and Easy to Use

The 6 ltr and 9 ltr fire extinguishers use cartridges. The advantage is that the canister is never under pressure when stored, only when there is a need to use it is the cartridge activated.

The magic is in the bottle

Environmentally friendly
Eurofeu placed great importance on the environmental friendliness of the ingredients. Conventional fire-fighting equipment contains substances that are generally non-biodegradable and suspected to be harmful or even dangerous. Powder is perilous for the lungs and works like a powerful laxative when inhaled. Bioversal QF does not contain fluorosurfactants and harmful PFOS / PFOA (perfluorooctane sulfonate / perfluorooctanoic acid). The medium used is fully biodegradable within 7 days. The medium can simply be wiped off, what remains is water and CO2.

No danger of explosion

Thanks to the cartridge there is no danger of the Eurofeu fire extinguishers to explode of implode even at high tempreatures.

Why choose Eurofeu

  • Multi-directional – 360 degrees:
    Hold this extinguisher any which way you like. No need to hold it upright at any cost to smother a fire.
  • No re-ignition possible:
    The cooling effect of the agent prevents that the fire can reignite. Did you know that the powder in normal powder fire extinguishers can catch fire again? The reason is that powder does not contain a cooling agent..
  • Works on multiple fire categories at once – paper, wood, oil and even electrical fires:
    All Eurofeu fire extinguishers can deal with electrical fires from a minimum distance of 1m in addition to dealing with other categories of fire – Three extinguishers for the price of one.
  • No propellant or aerosol is used
    The benefit of not using a propellant means there are no costs at the point of disposing the canister. The extinguishing liquid is bio degradable. The bottles can be thrown in a bin once their life cycle is up.Businesses have less cost of transport or storage as there is no danger of explosion. Great news for car drivers in summer. There’s no danger of explosion of the canister in a hot car or caravan.
  • Use of a trigger:
    Instead of a squeezable lever like on all standard fire extinguishers this one has a trigger like a gun. Standard extinguishers require you to use both hands to hold and simultaneously direct the extinguishing agent at the source of the fire.
  • Safer than powder fire extinguishers: Powder fire extinguishers obfuscate the view of the fire, they soil the environment with tiny, hard-to-remove powder particles, and they can clog electrical sockets.
  • No inflation even when the pressure drops in an airplane.
  • Quieter and safer than CO2 fire extinguishers: CO2 extinguishers are typically used for electrical fires. These extinguishers are very noisy when triggered. When CO2 is used oxygen is being removed. This can cause suffocation if the user does not leave quickly. Also CO2 extinguishers are ineffective once oxygen is re-introduced (opening a door for example)

Safe and Easy to Use

So simple, even a child can use it.

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Every second counts

When a fire breaks out it is vitally important that the right fire extinguisher is used without losing valuable seconds. The Eurofe fire extinguishers provide just that. Grab the next Eurofeu extinguisher and start protecting yourself.  also suitable for inexperienced users.