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Biodegradable Environmentally friendly fire extinguishers

Environementally friendly and biodegradable fire extinguisher

It is a big claim to make, and how on earth should one be able to look into a closed canister and identify the ingredient that makes the fire extinguisher biodegradable. Noticing that there is a trend, possibly even a an evolution taking place, which points to being environmentally friendly, companies are rushing to declared […]

What are the different types fire extinguishers?

Class A: Class A Fire Extinguishers are used for fires that involve paper products, fabrics of textiles, wood-based products, plastics, and rubber-based products. The type of class A extinguishers that fall into this category are Powder ABE, water, foam and wet chemicals Class B: Class B extinguishers are used to put out fires that started […]

Types of fire extinguisher – explained in this simple guide

There are 6 main fire extinguisher types – Water, Foam, Dry Powder, CO2 , Wet Chemical & Liquid. Keep the right types of fire extinguisher for your premises to meet current regulations. Different types of fire extinguisher put out fires which were started through various categories of combustibles – these are called ‘classes’ of fire’ or ‘categories […]

What are extinguishing liquids made of?

What are extinguishing agents made of? Extinguishing agents must meet certain requirements. In conventional extinguishers either foam, powder, water,  or liquid carbon dioxide is used for smothering fires. Flammable substances are assigned different fire classifications according to their combustion characteristics. There is a code letter like A, B, C etc on every extinguisher indicating which […]