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The Fire Extinguisher Revolution is here!

MICRO Fire Extinguisher


We think this is the best MICRO fire extinguisher in the world

  • Only 6″ / 15cm in height, and 280 gm in weight
  • 2-in-1 fire extinguisher. Uniquely, it fights small electrical AND oil fires
  • Safer than CO2 or powder fire extinguishers
  • Easily stored in various small places such as drawers, bags or pockets
  • Contains liquid foam rather than dangerous CO2 or toxic powder
  • This multi-purpose extinguisher allows immediate use
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    Best Defense against Small Fires


    • Perfect for fat fires of up to 25 litres (chip pans hold 2 – 3 ltrs)
    • Operating temperature between -20 ° C to 70 ° C
    • 35 seconds of spray time
    • The bottle can’t explode under heat or pressure, because no propellants such as gas are used.
    • 99% of people will try to tackle a fire just when it starts, but don’t know which type of extinguisher to use.
    • This extinguisher is the best defense when a fire is about to start, because it fights oil, furniture, electric, wood, and petrol fires.
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    F-exx 8.0S fights small fires better


    Revolutionary technology – Created to save lives!

    • Which extinguisher is the right one to use for which fire? Here is finally one extinguisher which deals with all types of fires
    • 99% of people try to tackle a fire just when it starts. This tool makes fire fighting a lot easier.
    • Spray an escape path for yourself. The cooling liquid will not re-ignite as conventional powder extinguishers frequently do.
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    If Carlsberg made Fire Extinguishers


    We think this is the best fire extinguisher in the world

    • The cooling liquid used here is environmentally friendly. People with asthma cannot use powder fire extinguishers, but they can use all our solutions.
    • Visibility is not impaired as it is with powder fire extinguishers.
    • No confusion anymore over which fire extinguisher to use for which type of fire, bc this one fights all fires.
    • 99% of people tackle a fire when it starts. Simply grab this device to fight initial fires effectively.
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    Use at all angles – 360 degrees Withstands searing heat in hot car Does not inflate in a plane Fire extinguisher for various fire types Works on electricity 900-1050W, wood, cooking oils & petrol / diesel

    What’s in the box?

    • One fire extinguisher
    • Mounting brackets
    • Instruction manual

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