A vast improvemet on existing fire extinguishers

Packs in more protection

And this is how we do it

A silicon balloon in the fire extinguisher squeezes the dousing liquid out of the canister.

Fights fire better

Fights fire better

Our heaviest fire extinguishers only weigh 1.7kg. It works on oil, paper, furniture and even electrical equipment.

Better for you

Better for you

Our fire extinguishers are better for your health and for the environment

It won't go stale

Our fire extinguishers work even if you forget about them for years. Powder extinguishers can conk out just when you need them most.

Order the best portable fire extinguisher for grandparents or your kids at college, now.

Multi purpose fire extinguisher

Uniquely protects against

electrical fires, kitchen fires, wood, furniture, oil, petrol and plastic fires.
These fire extinguishers protect against most types of fire.

Easy to use!

Lightweight fire extinguisher - use at any angle like a gun.
Ready to spring into action at any time.

Just point and shoot!

Best portable fire extinguisher

A bold claim that we can back up.
  • Multi directional – works at any angle
  • Does not flare up again like powder can
  • Lightweight – use with one hand
  • and many more benefits

Ready when you are...

Did you know that 99% of people try to tackle a fire themselves in the initial stages? It is a human instinct. Get a product that you can use instinctively. It's as easy to use as a toy gun. Simply pull the trigger.

top rated fire extinguisher
top rated fire extinguisher


Use at all angles – 360 degrees

Withstands searing heat in hot car

Does not inflate in a plane

Fire extinguisher for various fire types

Works on electricity 900-1050W,

wood, cooking oils & petrol / diesel

What’s in the box?

One fire extinguisher

Mounting brackets

Instruction manual

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